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He was born to Jewish parents in Amsterdam, Holland, during World War II.

Deported to concentration camps, David spent the first two years of his life in Bergen Belsen.

Miraculously, after the liberation by the British and Canadians, David reunited with his parents,

who also survived the death camps!

In November 1968, David arrives in France, because he was discovered by a French manager,

at the song festival in Innsbruck, Austria, where he won first prize.

The Barclay house will sign it through Leo Missir, producer extraordinaire.

In 1969, his first single "OH LADY MARY" sold in extraordinary numbers

of 2,600,000.00 copies,  in France alone and practically another million and a half

across the rest of the European territories!

Oh Lady Mary is propelled to the top of the charts and reaches the number # 1 spot

after three weeks, affirming its immense success!

This number #1 place will not be dethroned for 36 weeks, which was a record!

Between 1969 and 1979, David Alexandre Winter will sell 26 million records in Europe!

He will record in French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

He will perform throughout Europe, during the  Sold Out!

At the famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, 

in Monte Carlo, at the Red Cross Gala,

at the invitation of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco,

To the Royal Command of Her Majesty the Queen of England,

He participates and will win the very popular Rose d'Or festival in Antibes, and will write his name

for three unforgettable evenings on the facade of the no less famous Olympia concert hall in Paris.

In fact, David Alexandre Winter will become one of the singer/author/composer artists

the most popular of the  70s in Europe!

In 1979 he immigrated to the United States of America where he found his life and founded

a family in the state of Massachusetts.

During the 35 years following his departure from Europe,

he will continue unceasingly in the musical production, to compose,

sing and perform on the stages of major hotels in Las Vegas!

Here's how 45 years after his first hit,

he returns with a brand new album, written and produced by him,

full of new, wonderful and haunting songs,

as well as a compilation of 50 songs retrace

the chronology of a ten-year career in France.

You can now find it on its official website online,

in the double CD entitled:


In 2010, David Alexandre returned to France,

to participate in season 5 of the famous idol tour:

"Tender Age and Wooden Heads" 

It was a huge success,

because David performs in front of more than 500,000 people during the year of the tour!

In 2013, back in the United States, David decided to record a new album in Nashville, Tennessee,

a Country album, of which he is the songwriter and producer!

The album titled: "WINTER-COUNTRY", becomes a great  success in the United States,

or two songs place in the Country Top 10 in 2015 and 2016 ..., and then,

the title song of this album: "What Cha Doin Tonite?" climbs to the top of the rankings in 2017!

David Alexandre Winter continues to perform regularly on stage in Europe,

and at the moment is very busy  promoting his Autobiographical Novel:

"The evening Star" 

 in the form of an Audio Book in French and English available on all Audio Book platforms.

For all Info, go to the Official Website of David Alexandre Winter:


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